Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hope Smiles

Hope has a lingering effect on a person.
She is not easily forgotten.
Because she stands out.
And, many times, she stands alone.

Hope embodies an undeterred belief that there is a good ending to the story.
Your story. My story.
And despite the unexpected plot twists, genre changes, and lack of character development, Hope remains when all else fades away.

She gives us a reason to see the best in the worst situations.
She is the promise of the rainbow after the rain.

Sometimes, though, we can’t seem to get enough of Hope by ourselves.
We may feel like a deflated balloon and need a breath of fresh air to keep us afloat.

And many times in life we need to meet a new face with a new idea.
A leader to inspire the next chapter of our story.
A communicator that casts vision and brings a welcome change.

We all need this person to nudge us along.
We all need someone to believe in.

What does this beautiful beacon look like?

Maya Angelou, Emily Dickinson, and Mother Theresa are all familiar agents of Hope.
But you know what? She could look just like you or me.
And she often does…

She is strong in her faith even when it seems like her prayers have gone unanswered.
She is willing to give what she has, but wise enough to give what is best, not necessarily what is easy.
She stands up for the rights of the weak and oppressed without concern for whether or not her political party supports it.
She is honest, real, and vulnerable with other women about her struggles and does not hide behind a mask.
She motivates her followers to resist the temptation to give in to cultural norms by demonstrating love of her own uniqueness.
She is courageous when it looks like all hell is breaking loose around her by grabbing hold of her fear and wringing its bony neck.
But most of all, more than any of those things, she lives a smiling life in the face of frowning circumstances and people.

Because that’s what Hope does.
She smiles.
She doesn’t let the pain of today take away her ability to laugh at tomorrow.

Hope leads us into uncharted waters with a life raft on board in case the boat we’re on sinks.
And she fully believes the boat will stay afloat.
But if it doesn’t...if it goes under, Hope smiles and puts on that life vest.

Then she hands you one too.


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