Monday, June 23, 2014

What Have They Ever Done For You?


Many women are wearing these labels today.
And I'm not just referring to women in the world.
I'm talking about those of us in the church.

Faith-filled women.

Let me address the issue that God constantly brings to my own attention.
Feelings are not supposed to rule the roost. 
They aren't meant to guide our actions or thought life. 
All feelings (whether good or bad) are meant to open our eyes to an underlying cause. 

I feel loved today because my hubby gave me a gift. 
But tomorrow I might not feel so loved when he doesn't call me all day long. 
That's ok. 
Because God says He loves me no matter what. 
Who am I going to believe?
My feelings or My God?

What is causing me to feel a certain way?
Because believe me, there is always a root cause.

I'll give you some examples:
Envy (She has it all together. I wish I was as capable as she is.)
Fear (My childhood was really rough. I can't move past what happened.)
Pride (Cleanliness is next to godliness. I won't risk dirtying my life with her problems.)
Exhaustion (My life is so busy that I can't even think about doing one more thing.)

These are signs that we are a little too comfortable in our ever changing feelings. 
Because, really, what have they ever done for you? 
They never stick around.
They are fickle.
Their effects are temporary.
Even when they're good, they don't last long.
Because God never created us to depend on feelings for our worth or joy. 

Jesus gives us our lasting worth.
Jesus is the giver of never-ending joy. 

Lysa Terkeurst said, "Feelings are indicators, not dictators." 

Are you combatting your emotions with the truth of what God says or letting them run all over you?
We can't let ourselves come to the fight unarmed.
Because the battle between our heart and our mind is always waging. 

We have to be so full of God's word that our head-knowledge draws our heart-cravings into agreement.
Don't misunderstand me.
I love how I feel when I'm totally immersed in God's presence.
I'm a believer in just having time to feel His arms and His heartbeat.
But, if we aren't also feasting on His word, then we will constantly be looking for that next feelings fix. 

God is unchanging.
His love is permanent.
Even when His beloved Israelites were wandering the desert for forty years and turning their backs on God, He still loved them. 
Their feelings lied to them and made them believe that God had forsaken them.
Their feelings lied to them and told them that they were better off in slavery back in Egypt.
Their feelings lied to them and clouded their vision so they could only see their problems. 
They forgot the promise. 
And many didn't enter into the Promised Land because of it.

Oh how feelings love to steal from us.
They're a tool of the devil by the way.
Euphoric feelings of love can lead me to have unprotected sex at the age of 16. 
My innocence is stolen because I believed my feelings.
Now I'm alone and abandoned with a baby on the way.
(I am by no means passing judgement!)
There is always hope....

What are we going to do about it?
We can't let feelings win.
We have to use them as a force for good.
Feel things.
But make your home, your foundation, your resting place on the Rock.

The never changing
always good
fully satisfying
amazing love 
of Jesus 
is all you will ever need
to feel 100%.  

There is no condemnation in Christ.  (Romans 8:1)
So reject your feelings of guilt, your feelings of shame. 
Lay them down and embrace His love.

You have not been overlooked or forgotten. (2 Peter 3:9)
So reject your feelings of inadequacy, your feelings of neglect.
Lay them down and embrace His love.

God loves you so much He sent His son to die for you. (John 3:16)
So reject your feelings of unworthiness, your feelings of being unloved.
Lay them down and embrace His love.

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Elizabeth Lund said...

I love that quote: "Feelings are indicators, not dictators". That is beautiful, as is this whole post. Very thoughtful and true. We need to stop allowing our negative thoughts to manage how we view ourselves. Trusting God and His view is so necessary! Thanks, Harmony