Friday, March 28, 2014

Beautiful Warriors T-Shirts!

The Beautiful Warriors t-shirts are here! 
And they look awesome!

Take a peek:

Cool, right?
I love the boots!
They're my fave part. :)

So, I bet you're wondering how much they cost and how to order one...
They are $12 for sizes XS- XL and $15 for sizes XXL-XXXL.
Really affordable and fun = a great combo!
Add $3 shipping fee if you aren't local (in AL).

 If you want one, comment below with size/name or find us on Facebook for more info!

Happy Friday!
Let's wear these shirts for everyone to see and publicly announce that we are

Psalm 144:1
"Blessed be the Lord my Rock,
Who trains my hands for war,
And my fingers for battle."

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

10 Facts About Beautiful Warriors founder, Joannie!

Along the same vein as my post yesterday, Joannie, Beautiful Warriors founder and visionary, wanted to share 10 things you might not know about her, too! We hope you ladies enjoy getting to know us more and we challenge you to come up with a list of your own 10 things and post them in the comments section to share with us! You'll be surprised how liberating it is....

Joannie's 10 Facts

1. I love Elvis Presley. I know this started as a young girl. I have memories of my Mom playing his songs. Those were happy times. I know many of you think he is dead. But his spirit remains alive in my heart. Elvis has left the building!

2. I am a sucker for reality shows. Not just any so I hear ya booooing me. Lol Anytime I see someone feel the fear and go after their dreams I'm like buttah. Bring some tissue and leave me alone. So You Think You can Dance, The Voice and Undercover Boss are a few of my favs.

3. Give me a hot bubble bath with a good book and I'm lost for hours. Aside from spiritual books, Nicholas Sparks is my pick.

4. Sunshine Sunshine Sunshine my weakness and addiction is being outside. Beach and pool are my hot spots.

5. I like to watch game shows on tv. Especially reruns of The old 80s Card Sharks. Scrabble and Lingo with Chuck Woolerly on GSN. No worries we have basic cable so I'm not glued to the tv. I'm a word girl so that one shouldn't surprise you! :)

6. I meet no strangers and consider most people a friend. Unless you decide to walk out of my life. I am not one to hunt you down. I'm learning the older I get that other people don't get to validate me. I value me just the way God created me.

7. Life is a Big Camera. So I'm always with my iPhone in hand snapping a picture. Family pictures are my fav because growing up we didn't take many. Especially of my beautiful kids and my handsome husband.

8. Life is also a Party. I'm looking for a reason to celebrate something. Yes I'm an extrovert and I like most people.

9. I have a loud voice and will use it til the day I die. Sharing truth, hope and freedom are what makes me tick! Jesus is the anchor for my soul and without Him life isn't worth living.

10. Being a Mom brings me the most Joy in my life! Who knew a title could fill such an empty place in my heart. Losing my Mom at 12 yrs old caused a lot of twisted thinking on the topic of parenthood. Thankful Gods plan for me out weighed my own.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Comfortable In My Own Skin

I'm in my 30's and I finally feel like I'm comfortable in my own skin.
I know, I know, that's a bold statement!
But, it's true!

And I'm proud of the fact that I'm comfortable being me.
All of me....the pretty parts and the ugly parts. Yep, I have both. 
And I'm okay with it!

Are you?
If not, then I hope this post frees you from the things that are holding you back.
I pray it helps you embrace God's design for you!

In an effort to bring you freedom, I'm going to "bare all" and share some facts about me. 

1. I love Barbra Streisand. Yep! I can't watch her perform without crying. I still have memories of singing to her "Funny Girl" soundtrack in my bedroom with my hairbrush microphone when I was 16 years old! One day I want to meet her...

2. I love British television! Comedies, dramas, romance...all of it. I can watch "The Office UK", "Sherlock" and "Bridget Jones Diary" in one day and still want for more....

3. Give me a good book and a glass of wine and I'll be just fine. ("Little Women" and Moscato, please.) 

4. I hate reality television. I abhor it. Unless it's "The Voice"...then I'll make an exception. But any of that "teenage exploitative mumbo jumbo let's all live in the same house" stuff puts me in a foul mood. :)

5. I could live in a hut on the beach all by myself and be content. I would just wake up to the sound of waves, eat my freshly caught fish breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and sleep under the stars. Ok, maybe I'd miss my family a little bit. :)

6. A day without music would be a day of hell on earth for me. I live and breathe melodies and harmonies and lyrics. If I can't have that I would die from boredom and lack of creativity. 

7. I don't like parties. Don't get me wrong, I like to hang out with my friends. But, put me in a room with tons of people and I'll be the one sitting quietly in the corner playing on her phone. Call me an introvert. Call me anti-social. Either way, parties aren't for me. 

8. People think I'm quiet but I'm really just selective on the topics I'll discuss. I don't do surface conversations just to maintain good standing or to fit in. I find that kind of talk pointless and cheap. I will be nice but not deep if that's what you're looking for, but don't expect me to shoot the breeze over something just to fill the awkward silence. I'm not that girl. 

9. I'm passionate about raising awareness on the horrors of human trafficking. I will help these women and children that are being exploited, abused, and sold as a product or possession. I will speak up, stand up, and rise up to be a voice for these wounded ones. I will be a beacon of hope!

10. My life is nothing without Christ. He is my life. I am breathing His breath. I am singing His songs. I am writing His story. I am His and He is mine. 

Those are just some of the things that make me tick.
And let me tell you, it took me a long time to admit and embrace some of those things without worrying if you might like me. 

Over the years, I've:
run away 
taken detours 
changed directions 
ignored His voice
listened to the world
let my fears take over
compromised for someone else's happiness
kept silent when I should have spoken up
left instead of stayed
missed the mark time and time again 
lost myself 

But, you know what? 
God always knew I'd find "me." 

And even better ....He never lost me.
In fact, He's always had me...right in the palm of His hand. 
He lovingly made every single part of me. 

Genesis 1:31-
"God saw all that He had made and it was very good."

The same goes for you too, ya know?
All of the parts of you that others might think are quirky or weird....those things make you "YOU". 
So embrace all of who you are- cause if you don't, then who will? 

Be who you really are and life will make sense. 
All the pieces will fit. 
Healing will begin....

This next statement might offend you or it could set a fire inside of you. 
It's your choice.
I don't care anymore what people say about me. 

I love me and, more importantly, God loves me. 
Just the way I am. 
And that's all that matters....

Monday, March 17, 2014

What If?

This past year was insane.
Literally, it has been one of the worst years of my life.

My hubs, kids, and I have been in a constant state of sickness it seems.
No amount of disinfectant or sanitizer has kept it out of our houses or our bodies....

We have moved from one state to another, lived in 3 different houses and just recently found one to live in.
One of those houses had a major mouse and roach problem by the way!

We've visited 5 different churches and have only just now decided to call one of them home.
Still haven't connected with anyone personally though...

Did I mention that we live in an area of the country prone to crazy weather conditions?
Freak ice storms, giant sized hail, tornados, 40+ mph winds, and earthquakes have all frequented our state this past year.

We found out that my husband might have to retire earlier than we anticipated because of military cutbacks.
Not before deploying a few more times though of course...

And our car got stolen right out of our driveway!
Yep, while we were home eating audacious!

I've been living in a season that I like to call "What If?"

What if we get sick again tomorrow even though I cleaned my house twice yesterday?
What if the military moves us again this year instead of letting us get settled for a bit?
What if we don't make any friends and have to go church hunting again just to get plugged in?
What if a tornado comes and we lose everything we've worked so hard for?
What if my husband loses his job and I have to go back to work and can't home school my kids anymore?

The "What If" season is exhausting!

I'm just keeping it real.
It is hard to put one foot in front of the other sometimes, right?
I know you've been there...

But, can I tell you what God showed me during that crazy, exhausting and frustrating season?
He showed me that I was putting all of my effort into this idea of "What If?"
I was more focused on what could happen that I was missing out on what was happening during that time.

And things were happening...

God made a way for us to move to a safe neighborhood where there was not even a house available to rent!
My kids have become so kind and "others" focused because they've had to help me and eachother out through each bout of sickness!
My oldest can even teach his younger siblings their school lessons if I'm sick and can't get out of the bed.
Our new neighborhood has a park directly in front of our house where our kids can play and make friends.
Our stolen car was found and returned to us with no damage!
My husband just got a promotion and started putting extra money away for the unknown future.
Psalm 91 has become our family mantra during crazy weather episodes and prayer is more of a lifeline than ever!

In essence, Romans 8:28 has happened:
"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose."

If you're in a season of "What If?" right now, I challenge you to redirect your focus.
Remember, it won't last forever.
There is always something happening beneath the surface that will be gloriously revealed at the right time!
Nothing is ever wasted!
Ask Him to show you what He's doing in the midst of your trial and I guarantee your whole outlook will change for the better.
It's amazing what a little change in perspective can do....

Monday, March 10, 2014

Greater is He that is in ME

Last night I couldn't sleep. 
I kept feeling like a shadow was over my bed watching me.
I kept thinking of worst case scenario's in my mind.

FEAR kept me awake.
It literally stole something from me....a good night's sleep!

And isn't that what the devil always does?
He steals, kills and destroys... John 10:10

BUT the second part of that verse is the key to victory.
Cause though the devil takes....
Jesus gives us life...ABUNDANT LIFE!!! 

So, I made a choice last night as I lay there wide awake at 1:00 a.m.
I decided to fight back against that fear. 
I decided to live the abundant life Jesus died to give me.

I prayed and asked God to fill me with His love. 
"Perfect love casts out fear."-  1 John 4:18

I spoke out verses about God's mighty power in me.
"Greater is He that is in me than he that is in this world."- 1 John 4:4

I chose to focus on spiritual things.
"Set your mind on things above and not on things of this earth."- Colossians 3:2

And do you know what happened?
His peace, joy, and love immediately flowed over me. 

Because I acknowledged God's power at work within me!

Once I felt His power at work, a song rose up in my spirit right there in that bed.
A song from when I was a child in children's church.

It goes like this:
I’ve got peace like a river,
I’ve got peace like a river,
I’ve got peace like a river in my soul, (2x)

I’ve got love like an ocean,
I’ve got love like an ocean,
I’ve got love like an ocean in my soul,(2x)

I’ve got joy like a fountain,
I’ve got joy like a fountain,
I’ve got joy like a fountain in my soul. (2x)

This song may not mean much to you but it was a lullaby for me last night.
I hummed it and sang that song in my mind until I finally dozed off.
It's like God was holding me and rocking me back to sleep.
 I could hear him singing along and whispering peace to my soul.

That, my friends, is the power of God.
FEAR debilitates, handicaps and destroys faith.
But when we tap into His resurrection power within us, fear has to leave us alone!

Jesus' power is so great and He cares so much that no need is too small.
My late night example of sleeplessness might seem small to you
but, to me, it was huge.
And God knew just how to show up and in what way to release 
His power so I could have victory.
He can do the same for you, ya know.

Jesus loves me (and you!), this I know....

Monday, March 3, 2014


"Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen."
- Hebrews 11:1 NKJV

The Hebrew word for "faith" is emunah, which comes from the root word, aman. 
It means to "securely trust or rely upon." It is actually from which we get the word Amen. 

This word , emunah, is more than just a belief that something is true. 
Rather, it is a belief in the only Someone that is truth. 

It's the difference between knowing about God and having a personal relationship with Him.
It's the difference between hearing about your friend's miracle and having a miracle of your own.
It's the difference between seeing God as distant Creator and seeing God as best friend and Saviour.

It requires faith to do just about anything in life.

We have to believe in God's unending love or we have no love to give to ourselves or to others.
We have to believe in God's perfect timing or we have no ability to wait patiently for God's promises to come to pass.
We have to believe in God's amazing grace or we have no strength because we are constantly trying to do it all on our own.
We have to believe in God's forgiveness of our sins or we spend every waking hour confessing our faults and hiding from the truth.

It's really a glorious cycle of saying yes to Him and letting Him do it all...again and again and again.
It's when we try to muster up faith in ourselves and our own abilities that this glorious cycle gets interrupted.
Because it's never been God's intention for us to "do" anything.
It's only ever been about God doing it for us. 
And to believe that God already did everything for us to live a life of abundance ....that, my friends, requires faith!