Monday, January 20, 2014

Flattery anyone?

Sometimes words get in the way of what we really need to say. 

I like to call it FALSE FLATTERY.
It can only get us so far....
And it really only creates an atmosphere of superficiality. 

Here's what the dictionary says about flattery- 
excessive and insincere praise, 
esp. that given to further one's own interests

The Bible even warns us about giving insincere compliments. 
Proverbs 29:6 (msg) says, 
"A flattering neighbor is up to no good;
    he’s probably planning to take advantage of you."

Why do we do it?
2 reasons:
We want her approval.
We want something from him.

It happens everyday.

 You feel tempted to "suck up" to your boss so you can get a raise.
You compliment the pastor's wife on her ugly sweater just so you can be seen talking to her.
You praise your children for every little thing 
because you're afraid they won't like you if you point out some things they need to work on.
You compliment your teacher's new haircut in hopes 
that she'll remember how nice you are when she grades your test. 

False flattery is a slippery slope.
You think you're climbing the ladder 
but in reality you're digging a pit for yourself.

Whenever I watch the American Idol shows, I always feel so bad for the kids who audition 
that think they are awesome but are really terrible.
I just want to bury my face in my pillow cause I'm so embarrassed for them.
Why did their parents not tell them ?
Why did their friends encourage them to try out?
Did anyone tell this person that singing was not their gift?

That's what false flattery does, my friends.
It tricks people into believing something about themselves 
that isn't true.
And then they're left wondering why they can't catch a break. 

You know what else?
I think about the women who sell their bodies everyday for approval and "love".
They believe the lies, the flattery, of the men whispering in their ear because it appeals to their flesh.
But that man just wants one thing....
And then baby girl is left out in the cold wondering if anything he said to her was true.

False flattery comes in lots of forms.
But, plain and simple, it hurts...the giver and the taker.

So, here's what I suggest:
Tell the truth.
And if you feel the tug to stroke someone's ego in an effort to gain their acceptance, 
remind yourself who you are:


We only need His approval.
We only need what He has to offer.
Nothing and noone in this world can ever satisfy. 
He will never lie to you.

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