Tuesday, March 25, 2014

10 Facts About Beautiful Warriors founder, Joannie!

Along the same vein as my post yesterday, Joannie, Beautiful Warriors founder and visionary, wanted to share 10 things you might not know about her, too! We hope you ladies enjoy getting to know us more and we challenge you to come up with a list of your own 10 things and post them in the comments section to share with us! You'll be surprised how liberating it is....

Joannie's 10 Facts

1. I love Elvis Presley. I know this started as a young girl. I have memories of my Mom playing his songs. Those were happy times. I know many of you think he is dead. But his spirit remains alive in my heart. Elvis has left the building!

2. I am a sucker for reality shows. Not just any so I hear ya booooing me. Lol Anytime I see someone feel the fear and go after their dreams I'm like buttah. Bring some tissue and leave me alone. So You Think You can Dance, The Voice and Undercover Boss are a few of my favs.

3. Give me a hot bubble bath with a good book and I'm lost for hours. Aside from spiritual books, Nicholas Sparks is my pick.

4. Sunshine Sunshine Sunshine my weakness and addiction is being outside. Beach and pool are my hot spots.

5. I like to watch game shows on tv. Especially reruns of The old 80s Card Sharks. Scrabble and Lingo with Chuck Woolerly on GSN. No worries we have basic cable so I'm not glued to the tv. I'm a word girl so that one shouldn't surprise you! :)

6. I meet no strangers and consider most people a friend. Unless you decide to walk out of my life. I am not one to hunt you down. I'm learning the older I get that other people don't get to validate me. I value me just the way God created me.

7. Life is a Big Camera. So I'm always with my iPhone in hand snapping a picture. Family pictures are my fav because growing up we didn't take many. Especially of my beautiful kids and my handsome husband.

8. Life is also a Party. I'm looking for a reason to celebrate something. Yes I'm an extrovert and I like most people.

9. I have a loud voice and will use it til the day I die. Sharing truth, hope and freedom are what makes me tick! Jesus is the anchor for my soul and without Him life isn't worth living.

10. Being a Mom brings me the most Joy in my life! Who knew a title could fill such an empty place in my heart. Losing my Mom at 12 yrs old caused a lot of twisted thinking on the topic of parenthood. Thankful Gods plan for me out weighed my own.


Mariann Benton said...

1. I'm gettin a lot more sensitive in my old age .. LOL
2. If there was 2 things that I could change in life #1 my mom would still b here #2 I woulda had a different baby daddy !!!!!!
3. My next tattoo is gonna be a OWL that reminds me of my mom that I miss daily !!!
4. Family means everything to me but it's something that I just can't seem to "acquire" one of my own !!
5. Cooking is a passion of mine well actually being in the kitchen baking is my happy place !
6. My dad will NEVER be in a nursing home he will ALWAYS have a room in my house !
7. i just don't understand the SYSTEM and it suxxxxx !!!!
8. If ONLY I didn't join the "military" my life would b so different ...
9. I have truly thought about how my life would b in prison .. you would have to kno my situation to c where I'm coming from !!
10. My child is my heart .. I just don't get or prolly never will understand why my child was taken away from me if GOD truly loves me .. real talk !!!!

Sunshine Mom said...

Awesome Mariann! Thanks for posting...love real talk! That's how God uses us- fake is just a mask that blocks people from the real us. When we open up to others about our struggles then we are a big bright shining light that people want to be around! You rock!

Beautiful Warrior said...

You are brave and beautiful sis. Love you and thank you for sharing. I would be visiting you in prison and promise you that isn't the path God has for You. Xoxo