Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Light

Are you trying to find the Light?
It can easily be seen by some but others have to look for it.

Maybe you're in the dark and you can't find the light switch on the wall. 
You're just stumbling around the room hoping to feel your way in the right direction.
You are trying to escape your circumstances but nothing seems to be working.
You know what?

God is with you in the dark.

Maybe you're in the dark because you are blinded by your problems.
You can't see the light because your situation is blocking it from shining through.
Every time you take two steps forward something happens to push you three steps back.
Did you know?

God is with you in the dark.

Maybe you're in the dark because you chose to be.
The blackness of the night lured you in and you got so used to night vision that you forgot what it was like to see during the day.
You want to leave the toxic familiarity of your circumstances but are afraid that the light will draw attention to your flaws.
Can you believe?

God is with you in the dark.

So many of you are suffering in silence because of the darkness in your lives.
Addiction, illness, depression, abuse, etc....these things represent the DARK.

They will consume you if you let them.
Please don't let them.
The key to overcoming doesn't come in a pill bottle.
Victory isn't a drink away.

The way out of the dark is simple.
His name is Jesus.
And He doesn't belittle you, embarrass you, or shame you into following His light.

He just loves you.
Right where you are.

Cause you see,
"At night I’m immersed in the light!

It’s a fact: darkness isn’t dark to You."