Friday, January 9, 2015

Magnetic Beauty

As we get older, we should be maturing a little bit more every year.

We should be able to look back at this time last year and say,
"I have learned so much since then."
And, we should be able to look ahead to this time next year and say,
"I will not be struggling with that anymore by then."

You can call it what you want:

All those things are correct.
But, I personally like to call it GROWTH.

Because staying the same is just not God's best for me....or you.
Staying the same means comfort and predictability and stagnant living.
Not growing means limiting ourselves to what we 've always done.
Like, staying a sprout when God calls us to shoot up towards the sky and bloom.

I want to bloom!
I want to flourish!
Don't you?

GROWTH is a sign of health and life.
It means we are letting God direct our steps.
Because HE wants us to GROW and CHANGE.

HE wants us to be so beautiful with our colorful petals that other sprouts and seedlings will look at us and want to GROW too.
Cause when we let God lead us in our GROWTH, we are magnetic in our beauty.

It's not a "look at me and how far I've come" kind of beauty.
It's not even an "I've worked so hard to get here" kind of beauty.

It's a "by His grace, for His glory" kind of beauty.

GOD breathed His life into me, watered me with His love, and warmed me with His touch.
I can't take any credit for where I am or who I have become.
It's all because of Jesus.

So this year, 2015, be intentional in your goals, priorities, and steps.
But don't forget the only ONE who can get you to your intended destination.

Ask Him to lead you in your GROWTH this year.
Surrender your plans to the ultimate Plan-maker and watch as God blooms in you.

It's not just about what we are's also about what those around us are becoming.
When you bloom, they will too.

Let's be magnetic in our beauty this year....
And GROW in the grace and glory of our loving Saviour, Jesus.

"We find ourselves standing where we always hoped we might stand - out in the wide open spaces of God's grace and glory,
standing tall and shouting our praise."
Romans 5:2 (msg)

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