Thursday, February 26, 2015

Darkness is Temporary

"Darkness as black as night covers all the nations of the earth, 

but the glory of the Lord rises and appears over you." Isaiah 60:2

Today is "Shine a Light on Slavery" day.  
It's a day devoted to telling those around us the shocking news that slavery still exists. 
In fact, there are more slaves on earth today than ever before in history. 
Over 27 million in fact. (Source: A21 Campaign )

That is some dark news, my friends. 
Sometimes, it seems like the darkness is overtaking us, doesn't it? 

But, you know what? 
Darkness is temporary. 
It can't stand the light and runs away from a single flame.  
It cowers at bright beams of hope and shrinks back at rays of grace.

FEAR is it's weapon of mass destruction.  
But don't be misled by this impostor of darkness.
It's all a lie. A ruse to try to distract you from the truth. 

And this is the undeniable truth: 
The Light always wins. (Isaiah 58:8)
The Light lasts forever and ever. (Isaiah 60:20) 
Eventually the things done in the dark are exposed by the Light. (Eph. 5:11-14)
And the Light's weapon is far stronger than that of the dark:   LOVE.

This is NOT the time to shrink back or give up or stay quiet. 
Fear can't exist in the presence of love. 

So, we have to keep fighting. 
We have to keep loving.
We have to keep shining. 

More needs to be said. 
More needs to be done.
So. Much. More.

And the love-light of Christ is a beacon to the hopeless, desperate, and forsaken. 
He's inside of us! 

Jesus is the Light of the world. 
He is the bright morning Star.
He is the Dawn at break of day.  

How can we keep quiet?!!

Jesus is the only way to fight the Darkness. 

Do you live with a knowledge that you carry His Light inside of you? 
This truth brings us courage to keep pushing back the dark. 

It's not just a cliche to say that we are here on earth to be the Light.
No, it's a calling to see things differently, a mandate to bravely act. 
It's a revolutionary way of living, a mission to live for the cause of Christ. 
Are you shining?

We have no reason to shy away from burning bright 
because His Love is our guiding Light. 

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